Capital Concierge On-Call, LLC

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Antwine Jackson

New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest and most late night travelled times during the year. Since the emergence of Uber, many people have flocked to that method of travel.  Even with affordable rates and the convenience of a mobile app, Uber has been notorious for its surge pricing. Due to this outrageous and unpredictable method of pricing, Capital Concierge is my preferred method of travel. Emily provides reliable and affordable fixed pricing no matter what the occasion may be.  Whether I am traveling one way or round trip, Capital Concierge guarantees to get me from point A to B safely and on time. When it’s 2AM on a Saturday night or 2PM after a big sporting event, why pay 6x the normal rate when you can have Capital Concierge take care of all of your travel needs.

-Antwine Jackson

President, Enitech IT Support and Consulting